Acrylic mill

Aim: Mill construction with 18.000RPM spindle to chamfer acrylic plates.

Mill has been designed for HOMAG company. It has author’s solution for moving spindle up and down arround virtual rotation axis. 4-link mechanism has been shown below, in 3D models. Mechanism is capable to set horizontal tilt angle on spindle, to set bumpers in 2 dimensions, to set thickness od milled acrylic. Elastic rollers with pre-set pressure and belt conveyor with automatic tensioner provide travel speed regulation.  Explore 3D model below!


[canvasio3D objPath=”” width=”720″ height=”540″ objScale=”0.1″ lightSet=”7″ border=”1″ objCol=”#cccccc” borderCol=”#dddddd” reflection=”shine5″ refVal=”5″ Mouse=”on” ][/canvasio3D]