Automatic gear shifter

Aim: Flagship project. Master of Engineering degree result. Automatic gear shifter for bicycles.

Gear is a result of master of engineering degree work. Master of Engineering degree paper included below. The paper presents the development of a general outline of the innovative design of the gear shifting system. The main goal of the system is to optimize the use of electric power and muscle power needed to drive a bicycle, especially a hybrid bicycle. An automatic shift function is introduced. The system has ability to work with most of the derailleurs or multi-speed hubs that have been or are manufactured. An overview of the market, literature is only part of the inspiration. The design of the first prototype has been described. The economic analysis carried out in parallel with the design process allowed for a return to the concept of system dissolution and the general way of thinking. The result is a second prototype basic description, significantly different from the previous one. The invention is characterized by a high degree of novelty and has been covered by a patent application at the Poznań University of Technology paternity office. Due to the patent process, only the general concept and visualizations were presented. The design of the system makes it possible to decrease the level of bicycle maintenance and simplify the way of steering. The added value is to increase the durability of the drive components. The project discussed power and control issues.

Please take a note, that presented device is way different from what other inventors have presented. Actuators are integrated with control electronics and battery. Device may replace any standard deraileur shifter mounted on 20-25mm bar.  Explore prototype 3D model below!

Here You can find Master of Engineering’s degree paper (second author texts and data have been removed): Master of Engineering’s degree paper

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