E-bike battery case

Aim: Battery case for Electra Straight 8.

Aluminim case for Li-Ion battery, BMS and motor driver. There is production process shown below. Case has been water-jetted, bent, TIG-welded and powder coated. All screws and rivets are made from austhenitic steel – A2 grade, stainless.

[canvasio3D objPath=”https://kober.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Electra-Straight-8-etap-1.stl” width=”720″ height=”540″ objScale=”0.1″ lightSet=”7″ border=”1″ objCol=”#cccccc” borderCol=”#dddddd” reflection=”shine5″ refVal=”5″ Mouse=”on” ][/canvasio3D]