Surface model (Fiat 126P)

Aim: Accurate Fiat 126p 3D model made from blueprints, prepared for CJP printing.

Blueprints have been placed on basic planes in SolidWorks and calibrated together. Main curves have been created mainly by overlaying sketch-over-sketch. Surfaces have been spreaded over 3D-curves, tangent, parallel and perpendicular guides and tricked a lot by extending and cutting. SolidWorks is rather parametrical-modeling prepared than free-modeling. Result had to be a solid body, scalable and ready for CJP printing. Model has been used to create silicon moulds. Explore 3D model below!


[canvasio3D objPath=”” width=”720″ height=”540″ objScale=”0.8″ lightSet=”7″ border=”1″ objCol=”#cccccc” borderCol=”#dddddd” reflection=”shine5″ refVal=”5″ Mouse=”on” ][/canvasio3D]