Mid-drive gear (E-bike)

Aim: Flagship project. Engineer degree result. Mid-drive motor gear with belt tensioner.

Gear is a result of engineer degree work. Engineer degree paper included below. The paper presents an overview of the development of innovative electric bike design. An innovative approach has been based on a credible analysis of the market and own ideas of the author. Overview of available solutions has been carried to reduce production costs and increase the possibility of different configurations, which can be mounted in the vehicle. Target has been clearly defined as a group with requirements according to this type of solution. At every stage of selection components were well fitted to selected kind of customer.

The design of the main drive and the vehicle frame is a result of combining the re-uirements of design objectives and constraints caused by previously matched components. Issues of electronics control has been also well discussed. Durability calculations are not the subject of presented paper. Subject is relevant to the interest of author.

Take a closer look at the bearings, seals – they are all standard components, which are available to buy. Project is still  beeing developed. Explore 3D model below!

Here You can find engineer’s degree paper (second author texts and data have been removed): Engineer’s degree paper

[canvasio3D objPath=”https://kober.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Koncepcja-napędu-hybrydowego.stl” width=”720″ height=”540″ objScale=”0.2″ lightSet=”7″ border=”1″ objCol=”#cccccc” borderCol=”#dddddd” reflection=”shine5″ refVal=”5″ Mouse=”on” ][/canvasio3D]