Steel & wood desk

Aim: Simple but elegant, tough steel desk with wooden countertop.

Desk had to be at leat 70cm heigh, at least 1,5m long and 60cm wide. Steel profiles were used – 40x80mm, 2,6mm wall. Construction welded with MIG technique, then powder-coated. Wooden countertop has been impregnated and screwed to steel frame. There have been extended versions made too, they have been equipped with 14 power outlets hidden in top profiles. Explore 3D model below!

Here You can find technical drawing for production issues: Desk frame

[canvasio3D objPath=”” width=”720″ height=”540″ objScale=”0.05″ objCol=”#cccccc” lightSet=”7″ border=”1″ borderCol=”#dddddd” reflection=”shine5″ refVal=”5″ Mouse=”on” ][/canvasio3D]